Cityzens Giving Stories | Netravati

I produced a story with Manchester City FC on Young Leader Netravati, a remarkable individual who helps children in her community through the power of football.

Kick Like a Girl

Kick Like A Girl is a promotional campaign/music video that I shot with OSCAR Foundation in collaboration with rapper MC Tod Fod to celebrate the success of a girl's football team selected to tour the UK.

Composing Futures

'Composing Futures : Music for Good' is a project that aims to use music as a medium to bring about positive change in the lives of children. The project is delivered by CORE and Music Heals International.

A Journey on An Animal Ambulance

This video is a PSA made with Pet Owners and Animal Lovers Foundation to document the experience of operating an animal ambulance and raise awareness towards the work undertaken by the NGO.

SPECIAL (Short Film)

Special is a short documentary that looks at how specially abled animals left injured or abandoned are getting another shot at life thanks to families opening their homes and their hearts. All the animals showed in this documentary are victims of human cruelty and apathy.

PAL Year in Review 2018

This year in review video was made to recap the highlights of 2018 for Pet Owners and Animal Lovers Foundation. It was shot throughout the year.